Beambox for social public Wi-Fi. There are many compelling reasons why you should offer your customers Wi-Fi And why you should offer it through a separate Wi-Fi hotspot

Public Wi-Fi for your business

Under the text data protection act businesses, (and several other regulations), any business offering Wi-Fi to their customers must comply by having a login all visitors.
Beambox takes care of this.

Customers spend more time at your business

Over 60% of businesses recently surveyed say the offering  free Wi-Fi shows an increase in the amount of time customers stayed on your premises with up to a 50% increase on the amount they spend

Ease of use for your customers

Loging in using Facebook, Twitter or name and email address on a splash screen that is branded to your business. Beambox collects that & puts so you can communicate back to your existing customers.

Get more likes on social media

Increase your  social media reputation by getting more likes on Facebook and more followers on Twitter. This can be set up automatically growing your social media presence  without the need to monitor it.


Gives you great insight into your customers

You will know such things as how often they visit your business their age, gender and geographical location, making personalised marketing very easy and precise. Easily identify your best customers.

Automating email marketing

Collecting email address is time consuming and can be difficult with Beambox It couldn’t be easier. Every time A new customer  signs into your Wifi network their email address is automatically added

Separating your business Wi-Fi from your public Wi-Fi

Beambox creates a firewall between your business and the public Wi-Fi. Customers can enjoy safe browsing, and your own private network will be protected.

Cost less than a cup of coffee a day

For £9 a week, you get all of Beambox marketing tools, but if there are elements that you don’t think you’d use or you don’t see the benefit. We will give you a bespoke price for the features you wish to keep

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